Our Services To You...

At Special Delivery, we provide our services FREE to all birth parents and their families.  We are committed to help you find what is the best for you and your child before, during and after the adoption process.  We value the ongoing relationship with every birth parent.

Our Services include:

  • Counseling for birth parents and their families to talk through your situation 
  • NO PRESSURE for adoption - it's your decision.
  • No obligation to complete your adoption plan.
  • No legal agreement until after the baby is born and you are sure of your adoption decision.
  • If your baby is born and you have "second thoughts", free foster care provided to give you more time before making your final decision.
  • We work with you to choose the right parents for your baby.
  • You can meet the parents if you choose to.
  • Semi-open adoption by exchanging of pictures, videos, gifts and letters through out the child's growing up years.
  • Prospective adoptive families receive training in adoptive parenting and how to talk lovingly to their child about his/her birth family.  Your child's biological heritage will not be ignored or forgotten.
  • Free Childbirth Education through a local agency
  • Help and support at the hospital to help the labor and delivery of your child be as comfortable as possible. 
  • Counseling and support after you have left the hospital is available to birth families that place for adoption and birth families that make the decision to parent.