Process & Fee Schedule

Total Fees for Special Delivery is $23,850, which does not include mileage and travel expenses for families outside the Amarillo City Limits. The following is a fee schedule detailing each fee and the purpose for the fee. Please consult your Tax Consultant for information about a possible tax credit you may be eligible for in the year the adoption is finalized. * All fees are non-refundable*

  1. Pre-application Fee $150
    Includes initial call and information packet
  2. Orientation Fee: $300
    Includes two hour orientation
  3. Formal Application Fee: $500
    Due when you submit formal application and supporting documentation
    Review of application by child placing staff and
    Pre-placement adoption education class
  4. Administration Fee: $200 This fee is due with completed application. 
  5. Home Study Fee: $1,500
    Mileage and travel fees will be charged to those who live outside the Amarillo city limits.
    Please feel free to contact Special Delivery with further questions concerning the home study.
  6. Adoption Agency Fees:
    Approval Feeds: $7,200
    Birthmother Expense Fund (due at time of approval): $2,000
    **Approval fees are due when the questionnaire, application and home study are reviewed and approved.
  7. Matching fees $5,500
    Matching fees are to be paid when a match is made between the adopting couple and the birth parents. In the event that the birth parent changes their mind and does not place, this fee will be transferred to a future match.
  8. Final placement fee $6,500
    Final placement fees are collected with matching fees check and held until placement. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

*Please note*
Multiple Births require a $6,500 placement fee for each child placed in the home.

Couples placed will be responsible for attorney and court fees associated with the finalization proceedings.

Special Delivery Infant Adoption Agency has an attorney we contract with who is experienced in the field of adoptions. Our attorney will be responsible for the legal proceedings of the termination phase and the finalization of the adoption. You may choose to hire our attorney for your finalization hearing as well.

Agency fees do not include contested adoptions, which may include, but not be limited to, additional attorney fees, court costs and expenses for litigation initiated by the birth parent(s). Adoptive couples agree to pay Special Delivery all of their legal fees and costs associated with litigation and appeals in a contested adoption.

Agency fees also do not include birthmother medical expenses not covered by her health insurance, (if any) and the baby’s medical expenses. Adoptive couple must agree to pay these additional expenses which are determined to be appropriate and reasonable by Special Delivery.

Adoptive couple must agree to pay for their own travel (as applicable) and travel expenses for Special Delivery representative for all travel related to approval of couple for adoption, quarterly visits, placement of the child and post placement visits.